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In favor of a Green Church

Français, italiano In the encyclical Laudato Si, pope Francis had called for a “green conversion” (n.216 to 221). The call was heard, to say the least, as it gave […]


Synodal and pastoral Magisterium

Français, italiano The post-synodal exhortation Querida Amazonia, dated 2 February 2020, took everyone off-guard: while, to alleviate the lack of eucharistic celebration in the Amazon, the final […]


The Church did not start in 1965

Français, italiano The publication of From the Depth of our Hearts, where Benedict XVI appears as co-author, is de facto an act that carries a constitutional weight, which […]


What Path for the Church?

Français, italiano The publication of the book From the depths of our hearts, written by pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah, and the intense polemic which […]