“When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on earth?”

Par l'abbé Claude Barthe

Français, italiano

This issue of Res Novæ presents two distinctive expressions of contemporary catholic thinking, different in degree but identical in their liberal nature:

  • The first one comes from an official source, the one of an apostolic nuncio who talks of a Church which, he says, after twenty centuries, would still not be “constituted.” Father Perrot, who shares with us his analysis, is a truly grounded shepherd who has fought to maintain the mass and the sacraments in a time of “sanitary crisis.” Father Perrot can’t help it but express a holy anger at the words of the archbishop who tells us to put things in perspective in regards to the mass, to lighten up.
  • As to the other expression of Catholic thinking, it comes from a Dominican who says it is not the Church but Christianity itself which does not yet exist.

It seems we see today the results of the efforts of clerics and theologians who have worked for the past sixty years to bring Catholicism in agreement with “the world of today.” that is, to a state of nothingness.

Fr. Claude Barthe