A new low for French Bishops

Par Philippe de Labriolle

Français, italiano

Cesar did not ask that much from the the French Bishops. though it would not mind. There was a time when republican radicalism couldn’t wait to halt religious renewals that historically come after great disasters. Eventually, they even gave up themselves like it happened in May 1940 with a mass attended by the government in Notre Dame, in Paris. For those without God, peace once re-established encourages a return of vanity and other earthly desire. In fact, the most sagacious of the moderns, shifting from an anticlerical zeal as much vain than forceful as the torture of Sisyphus, had learned to compose with what we are not able to eradicate. More widely diffused than the sensus fidei, common sense, which is the one thing in the world best shared, knows the weight and the price, the mark as intimate as collective. When death threatens, objectively or in the mind, on the battle field or in the feverish pallet of a nasty alcove, the creature of the rational animal thinks of the Author of these days, and looks for support. The Catholic writer Jacques Rivière has best told the story of the luminous mark of his holy mother, whose leitmotiv was, widely shared in Christendom: we are in this world to win the next…

Isn’t turning to God the minimum expected from a Catholic?

In his essay “there is another world”, André Frossard, a convert, said it without timidity: “We are going towards everlasting life, aware or unaware, willingly or unwillingly.” In the difficult years of the Seventies, the future John Paul II who thought indeed they corrupted society, made him an allied of plume and words. But in 2020, who is worried about the Ends, who is worried about putting the white garment of the holy banquet? Who among French bishops is worried about showing the way to Heaven, though the plenitude of the priesthood should amplified the virtue of Force and excite Prudence in the designation of the true good. Or, at least, who among them is offering to point out the way. The implosion of episcopal justice, now under the administrative supervision of the Courts, shows that the ordinaries and their officialities are affected by an evil disease. One can only but recognized that the postconciliar ecclesial situation is characterized by surrender. Cesar is using the unexpected opportunity.

The news on the Corona virus offers, a priori, the opportunity to meditate on the precocity of human life and death should teach us to better philosophers. In fact, the world is scared of the virus. More precisely, the world is encourage by the media to be afraid. Being scared has become the right way and thinking by ourselves the wrong way. A new slap in the face for the “Enlightment”. Can the religious discourse still take its place in the climate of irrational thinking and the Magisterium ponder the perspectives? If Notre Dame in Paris is no longer the sanctuary for a collective prayer, Saint Sulpice Church, a larger church actually, could during this time be the place of a vibrant collective prayer. If any doubts, in a time of fear, precariousness, the end of knowledge and resources, isn’t turning to God the minimum expected from a Catholic? The present virus is not well know. Less known than the H1N1 virus which, ten years ago about, only had one victim, the political career of the French Health minister of the time. In some circles one still laugh of the panic, less of the cost of all this alarm. The new virus does not yet have its vaccine. So what? The worst is not a sure thing as Claudel used to say. Precautions are necessary. Fine. But at what cost?

Why is it that the Archbishop of Paris, who was a medical doctor and still believe he is, talks of the holy water basin as putrid water, forbids communion on the tongue, and the concentrations in relation to shared convictions as detestable? Holy water, known to chase demons, would now be the ally of micro-organism which toxicity remains to be established. The flu, last winter, caused an excess of 8,200 cases in comparison to the regular average of 10,000 per year. The peek of flu is in February. In China, the flu is there too, but the only thing we hear about is the Corona virus, which is currently decreasing. What ever it may be, if we must shake, lets be scared together. Let’s pray, let us pray together! Well, not exactly! Closer to thee, my God; this was yesterday. Today, it is an unpleasant thing to say or sing!

The Episcopal conference fears the judgment of men, but not God’s

What Mgr Aupetit has started and other feverish bishops as well, Cesar would have never ask for it without an agreement, a sign which was like a treason from the clerics. To be precise, the “Conference” pulled the rug out form under the faithful. Never Cesar would have dared requesting what the Catholic hierarchy is giving him, afraid to displease him: there’s no one more civic minded! Our duty to God are suspended sine die! We know nothing for certain, except that religious practice is said to be dangerous like an infectious disease. Let it be said! Stay at home, like the impious men, and those who have no hope. Stupefying!

The rights of God are thus placed under the guardianship of the world. If, during the first preventive measures the Bishop of Belley-Ars, France, had not singled himself out, the apostasy of the dioceses would be a done thing. The shepherds are all in agreement, like true citizens, as good apostles of the national interests. It is like a coming out and now we know! The conciliar hierarchy in France fears the judgement of men, but not God’s. They have the keys to the Kingdom, but they have closed the door. Let us be clear, they no longer have faith, the one that fears to offend God. Under the pretext of saving our lives, they put our souls in danger…

A positive note must dominate, despite the negative report and the bitterness of this desertion: may those who have eyes to see and ears to hear consider the full measure of what Providence is giving us the grace to notice, in real time: the conciliar refusal to see the Enemy at work leads to being used for his service, no matter the cost! This perverse worship is tragic, if we recall the word of saint John Chrysostom: “Hell is waiting for those who deny its existence!” Certainly, the mitered prodigies can still measure their error. Some redeem themselves, here and there, and go against the discipline imposed on them by way of intimidation. Yes, some French bishops realize the extravagant discredit to which they exposed themselves for having been united together in this public scuttling. But a public reparation is required! And then the apostolic nuncio can fill in his cards, unless the virus takes him.

Philippe de Labriolle